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About NNT Solutions

No-Name Technologies Inc (NNT Solutions). was established January 21st 2001, by Steven W. Moore and Michael A. Johnson. Steve and Mike met as active duty soldiers stationed together at the 5th Ranger Training Battalion, Camp Merrill in Dahlonega, Georgia. In early 2000, the Ranger Training Brigade started to deploy a more advanced computer system throughout the brigade due to the geographic disbursement of the Battalions (Camp Merrill was three hours away from the headquarters of RTB in FT Benning, GA). Steve and Mike were tasked to set up, support, and administer the entire network and automation system across Camp Merrill (5th RTB) installation. Their primary responsibility was to support and oversee all tactical communications.

The project rapidly expanded to include the design, deployment, administration, and support for the entire installation level Computer Infrastructure and Automation system. As a part of their duties on this project, Steve and Mike had to adapt and learn quickly, as well as, learn and deploy a system with limited resources. They gained experience and insight working with multiple people and vendors. Working on this project gave them familiarity with DOD regulations and Army security protocols, all while tasked to coordinate with multiple people/entities on a limited budget and with limited resources.

Through this experience, Mike and Steve saw an opportunity to serve small and mid-sized businesses that battle the same challenges they experienced in working in the Army together. NNT began humbly, but has stayed true to their values and principles; always maintaining honor and integrity, demonstrate attention to detail in all that they do, take ownership of the problem, be accountable even if mistakes are made, take pride in all that they do, be mindful of their reputation, care for the equipment, job site, work area, and appearance, and above all, always endeavor to uphold the values, integrity, honor and mission of not just NNT, but themselves and their clients.

Since 2001 NNT Solutions has been providing Computer, Networking, Other Information Technology Solutions, Services & Support for businesses & consumers across the United States and even across the globe for over 16 years and counting. Prior military, education, and real-world experience in small, mid and large organizations have not only proven invaluable to the current success shown over these past 16 years but will continue to pave the way in order to meet the demands, threats and concerns of our customers, their mission, whenever & wherever they need us. By Land, Sea or Air! We WILL accomplish the mission!


Steven Moore

Co-Founder, President/CEO & Lead Network/Systems Engineer of NNT Georgia & NNT Texas

Steven Moore was born in Coachella California. Steve was active in many things while growing up which included: the Boy Scouts, the Order of the Arrow and sports such as football. Steve graduated high school in 1997. Immediately following High School Steve joined the United States Army. Steve served the United States Army for a total of 7 years.  While in Dahlonega, Steve and one of his soldiers, Mike, started fixing fellow Ranger computers for extra money.

Much to their surprise, business boomed and Mike and Steve decided to make their business legitimate in January 2001. Steve intended to make the Army his career. However, this could not happen due to an injury he sustained while on active duty. The rest is now history. NNT is now over 17 years in the making due to Steve’s leadership, passion, and drive.

With the help of Michael, NNT’s other founder and the rest NNT’s employees (past and present), NNT has grown beyond what he ever would have imagined. NNT has grown from a car porch \ side hobby business while in the army to what it is now, serving over 2000 customers and supporting over 25 contract businesses across the globe. In 2016, Steve expanded NNT into Texas by forming NNT Solutions – Texas along with another Ranger buddy of his, David White. Steve has 2 children, Paxton and Ayden.

Steve’s proudest accomplishments include: The birth of his 2 children, the success of NNT, Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor Recipient, and serving as the 5th Ranger Training Battalion Chief Communications Officer. His Education/Certifications include: an A.S.B. in Applied Computer Science, Microsoft Certified as a Professional, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, and Small Business Specialist. His hobbies include hiking, skiing, and watching/playing football.


Michael Johnson

Co-Founder of NNT Georgia

Michael A. Johnson was born in and raised in Moultrie Ga. He graduated from Colquitt County High School in 1994. He joined the Army in 1995 as an Airborne Signal Support Systems Specialist. His assignments and duties include: Ft Jackson South Carolina Basic, Ft Gordon Military Signal School, Ft Benning Airborne School, Camp Howze Korea Engineer Brigade, Ft. Bragg 82nd Airborne Division 3-504 Parachute Infantry Regiment, and Camp Frank D Merrill 5th Ranger Training Battalion in Dahlonega Ga.

Michaels IT experience came from his time in the military. His job was to repair communication equipment and ensure everyone in the training area or garrison could communicate. As with anything in the army, once his skills were known, he found himself repairing anything that plugged into the wall including computers. Michael would later leave the military in 2002 due to injuries sustained while serving. But before he did, he along with Steven Moore founded No-Name Technologies, Inc. (NNT Solutions) in 2001. This set Michael up to run NNT full time once he left active duty in 2002.

Michael’s first few years running NNT was the driving force of behind the start of NNT’s original storefront in Dahlonega Georgia and later NNT’s second storefront in Gainesville, Georgia. Michael left NNT in 2013 due to health concerns and although Michael is no longer with us, his legacy, drive, motivation and founding vision lives on.


David White

Co-Founder of NNT Texas, Vice President of NNT Texas

David was a late member to the NNT family but has been a Ranger buddy of Steve’s for over 20 years. Like Steve and Mike, prior to joining NNT, Dave served in the US Army.  Dave’s past in both the Army and his many adventures after the Army has made into the man he is today. Among his many strength he brings to NNT, is his loyalty, mission first and attention to detail.



James Moore

Lead Technician and Systems Administrator

James has been with NNT for over 9 years and is literally the backbone of NNT. Prior to Joining NNT, James served in both the Arkansas & Georgia National Guard. While visiting his brother, James decided to take an internship with NNT with little or no experience in the IT industry, yet has matured into our lead technician and systems administrator. NNT would not be where it is today if it weren’t for James’s dedication, motivation, and willingness to learn and grow.



NNT wouldn’t be were it is today without our staff & our customers, whether currently with us or have moved on for one reason or another, we consider each one of them part of our NNT family and our success. Each of them is part of NNT’s history. Thank you for your dedication and all the great memories.

An IT Partner NOT a Provider

Your time is precious; you have more important issues to deal with rather than worry about your computers, network or your data. It is, however, a critical enabler to your business or individual use that these devices & services work as you expect, are protected and are always available when you need them most.

Due to this fact, choosing a IT support company can be daunting and even risky due to the fact that there are no regulations holding IT services company’s accountable and virtually any person with little or no education or certification can say they can help you, leaving your data and your system vulnerable to all sorts of risks. NNT Solutions has been around for over 16 years & backed by over 30 plus years in combined IT experience, holds all major certifications and ensures the utmost excellence in all that we do all while being accountable to you.

NNT addresses your IT needs/concerns by:

  • You can trust us: 16 Years of Business, All Major Certifications, 30 plus years of experience & Customers willing to speak on our behalf.
  • Assigned Network Engineer to oversee all IT operations, and becomes your IT Manager when planning for the future of your business in terms of automation.
  • Technicians assigned to you but are accountable to the IT Manager to ensure the highest level of quality; security and attention to detail are met at all times. NNT worries about your network and computers so you don’t have to.
  • On-Call technicians available for our contract business customers, providing emergency services 24/7 including holidays.
  • Multiple levels of accountability systems and policies.
  • Predictable IT spending costs.
  • Full-Service Computer / Server repair and testing lab.


The mission of NNT Solutions is to be the best and most trusted adviser for Information Technology Services & Solutions where ever our current and future customers need us. NNT will always strive to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing quality products, knowledge of those products, services and customer support that surpasses all others. This will be done by demonstrating the lessons learned by the founders of NNT through experience in the military and life lessons; attention to detail, accountability and pride in what you do. The company’s goal is simple; grow steadily without compromising the base for which it was founded upon.

Our Facility’s & Locations

NNT’s Headquarters is located in Gainesville, Georgia. This facility not only operates all corporate operations it also is our main hub for our network operations & dispatch center which supports our technicians & sub-contractors scattered throughout the US. Finally, this facility also serves the local residents of North Georgia by providing full-service computer repair.

NNT also has a satellite office in Bryan/College Station, Texas as well as partner affiliations in Lawrenceville, Georgia (Barta Media Group) and Los Angeles, California (Tech Medics). NNT is strategically located within 45 minutes of 2 of the largest airports in North America (Atlanta & Los Angeles), and thus NNT is able to send its senior level engineer virtually anywhere in all 50 States within a few hours’ notice.

Proven Experience

With over 16 years in business and over 500 repeat customers, NNT has continued to provide the best in class service not only our clients in Georgia, California, Texas but all over the US and across the Globe. Some of our happy outsourced IT Business customers include:

  • Genesis Biosciences
  • Albert International
  • 5th Ranger Training Battalion, US Army
  • Buford City Schools District
  • Sonstegard Foods
  • Country Way Family Practice
  • Delta Municipal
  • Lux Wireless
  • Critical Components
  • Padgett Business Services
  • Mountainview Pediatrics
  • Lakeview Surgical
  • Crosio & Associates
  • And much more – References are available upon request

We are trained and certified to meet your needs

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals (in multiple Areas)
  • A+ Certified Computer Repair Technician
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Residential Integrator Course Trained
  • Military Experience includes: Systems Administration, Information Assurance, Signal Support for Installation & Battalion Comms, Security & Networking. Certs & Access levels include: Info Assurance Security Officers Course, DOD (Department of Defense) Level 2 Security Certified, NSA Security Clearance
  • As a Business, NNT is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has achieved competencies in Network Infrastructure Implementation
  • Other vendor certifications & partnerships include: Dell, Lenovo, Nfina, Dlink, HP, Cisco, Intermedia, Adobe, Microsoft, Ingram Micro, Synnex & Much More…