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NNT Cloud Services

Get all your essential IT services to run your business from one provider, one interface, and one solution.

Along with the many other traditional products and services that NNT Solutions can provide, NNTCloudOffice is able to deliver email, voice, file collaboration tools, and much more. As you migrate all or some of your needs from your physical environment to the cloud, NNT, and NNTCloudOffice solutions can help.

NNTCloudOffice products can be purchased individually as you need them or purchased as a bundled solution for all your essential business systems. The Control Panel Portal allows you to add and remove products, users, etc., and make changes as your business needs change.  NNTCloudOffice enables you to run your business the way you want, whenever and wherever you want to. Whether you choose to keep some of your IT services in house or operate 100% in the cloud, rest assured that NNT will meet all your business IT environment needs while providing you with technology that is reliable, secure, scalable, manageable, integrated, and cost-effective.


Because NNTCloudOffice is delivered over the Internet, your business can operate and scale at any time and anywhere without additional infrastructure costs. Our cloud products give your business essential enterprise capabilities without compromising your budget or security. Some of the key benefits of our NNTCloudOffice solution include:

√ Simplify IT management: Control all your users and services with one control panel, one bill, and one phone number if you ever need support.

√ Extend mobile productivity: Sync your email, calendars, contacts, and more across all your computers, smartphones, and tablets.

√ Reduce costs and preserve capital: Eliminate hardware purchases, server maintenance and licensing, and upgrade costs.

√ Secure your data: Trust our world-class data centers to offer business-grade security and 99.999% uptime.

√ Rely on our support: Focus on your business knowing that expert help is available 24×7 if you need it with average hold times of under 60 seconds.

Key Products

Some of our core NNTCloudOffice solutions that let you hit the ground running include:

Email with Hosted Exchange: Get more from this indispensable business tool with streamlined onboarding and assured availability.

  • Our Cloud Concierge team helps migrate your existing accounts at your own pace
  • The online control panel makes it simple to assign email addresses, phone numbers and more
  • For More Information, Click Here

Phones with Hosted PBX: Power your phones from the same cloud that delivers your email.

  • Get rich, Fortune 500-style calling features without investing in an on-premise PBX
  • Simple monthly per-user pricing includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada
  • For More Information, Click Here

File sync, share, and backup with ShareSync: File collaboration that’s truly business-grade.

  • Sync files across every device including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry
  • Simple and secure folder and file sharing- even with people who don’t have it installed
  • Have a file server, now provide all the benefits from sharesync on your file server to all employee that work remotely
  • PC Backup; Now your all your employee devices, including your remote users are backup in real-time while protecting your employee’s data from ransomware threats since you are able to roll back to previous versions
  • For More Information, Click Here

Microsoft Office with Office Apps / Office 365: Microsoft Office applications that you need (Word, Excel, Power Powerpoint, Etc.)

  • Microsoft Office Applications that can be installed or run via your computer, mobile device or via your browser.
  • Never worry about costs to upgrade. Office via the cloud is your same office application but delivered to you as a service that is always up to date.
  • Fully integrated with our other NNTCloudOffice solutions.
  • Fully Managed from your single NNTCloudOffice control panel so you can easily manage, add, or remove which user can access the software.
  • Supports up to 5 devices per user account.

Full compliance with Email Archiving: Offers the preservation, protection, and restoration features that your business needs to safeguard intellectual property, assure compliance, and speed eDiscovery.

  • Compliance with regulations including FRCP, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, and SOX
  • 100% data capture across devices and platforms
  • For More Information, Click Here

Instant messaging with Skype for Business: Keep your communications flowing in real-time, even with a mobile workforce.

  • Connect using voice and video chat, screen sharing, virtual meetings, and more
  • Use presence indicators to choose the right channels to reach your coworkers
  • For More Information, Click Here

Single Sign-On with ConnectID: Scale your cloud without sacrificing security or ease-of-use.

  • Single point of access to all web apps
  • Limit what users can see and do in any app

Application with Cloud Server: Need a more dedicated, secure solution or need to make an application be accessible to all users with out the need to purchase an on-premise server (like QuickBooks or other line of business application), Cloud Server can help.

  • Run your applications and specialized software via our cloud servers and make them accessible
  • Easy to deploy and scalable
  • For More Information, Click Here

Other Cloud Solutions by NNT Cloud Solutions: Along with the many services listed above, NNT can provide virtually any solution via the cloud. Some of these services are listed below but give us a call and have NNT customize your office in the cloud today!

  • Email Security
  • Email Encryption
  • SharePoint Services
  • Private Cloud
  • POP Email
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Offsite Backup, Retention & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Mobile Applications and Forms

For more information about NNTCloudOffice or to access our Knowledgebase, click the link below:

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