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Testimonials | NNT Solutions

“Buford City School System contacted NNT Solutions presenting email and network issues stemming from a failed Domain Controller migration from Windows 2000 Server to Windows 2003 Server during which the domain global catalog was lost. This issue kept us from being able to process email and created various other network issues. After contacting NNT Solutions and speaking with Michael, I was put into contact with Steve Moore to discuss the issue. After agreeing upon a price, Steve began immediately diagnosing the cause of the issue via remote connection without a break in work at the end of the normal business day. I left from work at around 8:15 pm Friday evening with Steve continuing to work. I received a couple more informational phone calls from Steve after my departure from work and left the issue solely in his hands. We spoke again Saturday morning when I learned that Steve had worked on into the very early hours of Saturday morning until he had the problem corrected. The guys at NNT Solutions were “no-hassle” from the very beginning. They successfully and satisfactorily diagnosed and corrected the issue we were having in a manner that will prompt Buford City Schools to discuss future technical support details with NNT Solutions.”

Rodney Thomason | Network Administrator | Buford City School District

“NNT and its staff are creative thinkers who quickly grab hold of solutions for IT problems and help create strategies to take businesses to the next level. NNT Solutions is serious about providing solid IT Support to their target market and doing so in a timely manner. I would recommend them to any business in need of direction, fresh ideas, or support.”

Janet Kaup | Owner | Padgett Business Services of Gainesville

“Excellent service, Trustworthy, reliable. I would recommend NNT for all of your computer needs.”

Kelly King | Manager | Foothills Family Practice

“I have been so impressed with NNT Solutions (Steven Moore), that I wanted to update my recommendation of Steve and his company. I have had such good results from ALL of their IT support for me so far, I have decided to let them install the Microsoft Small Business Server in my office. They have already started my installation and I know that it will be done correctly. Thanks, Steve and NNT Solutions!”

Bob Lamp'l | President/CEO | Business Plans & More, Inc.

“Steven and NNT Solutions is dedicated to providing the utmost service, customizing solutions that fit my company, not just generating sales for his company. I trust Steven & NNT Solutions”

David Lawler | Attorney |

“I’m so glad my friend told me to call NNT when I was having problems with my PC. They responded to my call immediately and took the time to explain what was wrong (in plain English). They helped me to save my files and restore my computer back to normal for a price that was far less than I expected! I can’t say enough good things about them!”

Ginger Lynch | |

“It is very reassuring, as a small business owner, to have such a quality team of people who you can trust with your network and computer. NNT is that team for my company (and my home computers). They have, without fail, gone the extra mile to make sure that my business stays running at its best by making sure my computer stays at its best. Thanks NNT for keeping my computers at their optimum!”


“I cannot say enough about Steve and the guys at NNT Solutions! They have saved my company on more than one occasion from data loss nightmares! Steve and I have worked together on several occasions; both on my computers as well as my clients and I have nothing but rave reviews. Thanks Steve!”

Jason Barta | President | Barta Media Group

“I hired NNT to work on 3 laptops. NNT was able to have them up and running quicker, faster, in a very short period of time. NNT also was awarded Microsoft’s 4th place Internationally for Small business computer Companies. They deserve the award!! I also belong to a professional business networking group and I have referred business to Steven with the same great results!!!”

Geary Jaco | Owner | Benchmark Painting and Contracting, LLC

“Dear Bogdan,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the professional service that I got from you and NNT.  When you asked me if I might be interested in the NNT Prevent Gold Plan, I never knew how much it would mean to me.  I thought it was a real value to have 3 repairs, maintenance twice a year and anti-virus subscription all for one low price, and signed up right away.  But like they say on the TV commercial the COMPLETE RECOVERY IMAGE BACKUP, which is included in the Gold Plan, turned out to be priceless. As you know, my laptop computer had to be sent back to the manufacturer due a  recall on a  bad  hinge.  Before  I sent it off, which you helped me do,  you backed up everything including the programs.   And of course, my worst nightmare came  true when I got the computer back and everything had been wiped off.  Not just the data, but all my programs were gone too. I immediately called you and brought my computer in for you to restore  back to its original state. This plan saved me a lot of time, money and headaches.  I highly recommend anyone with a computer buy this plan.  We always think it can’t happen to us! Also, I’d like to mention, that in this day and age it is very hard to find personalized service.  I found it here! These folks not only know about computers, but they’re nice to deal with too. I would recommend NNT to anyone.

Thank you and Happy New Year”

Karen Carere | Vice President | Carere Music, Inc.

“NNT has been with us since the start of our company, I truly feel that I hired a business partner as appose to a computer support company. Since we started with NNT they have not only advised us on key critical decisions in the planning of our new company but they have proven to us that they mean what they say. The system that they advised us on and then implemented is now the backbone or our company. I don’t know what we would do without it. Since this technology has become such key piece to the success of our company, I have peace of mind that NNT is taking care of it. NNT’s down to earth conversations, easy to contact, attention to detail, fast response, care of business and Make it work attitude is just some of the reasons why I would recommend them to any person or company, small or large. 100% uptime is also a pretty good reason as well.”

Israel Green | Vice President | American Installation Corporation

“NNT has been part of the JOA team for the past 3 years now. JOA’s success as the premier boat dealer in all of Georgia is in part due to what NNT has done for us. Before NNT we had a misconception that the computer guy was simply here to fix computer problem as they happened. And because of this misconception, we soon realized that we had outgrown not only our computer guy but our entire computer network. There wasn’t a day that went by that either our server was down or one of our 4 locations couldn’t access our critical dealership software. Which probably cost us more money and customers then we will probably ever know. Now JOA is beyond all that and as one of the Top dealers in all of North America I feel that NNT has been part of that success, from their complete overhaul of our infrastructure to their proactive services, to the response to all of our critical issues, NNT is truly an asset to this organization.”

Bettie VanHeusden | Office Manager | JOA Marine

“We have been Utilizing NNT for the last 13 months. I love the Personal aspect of their staff, knowing who you will be dealing with to resolve issues is important to us. It is a great deal of relief working with a company that truly understands our business and takes ownership of the success of our business. NNT constantly strives to keep us operational at all times and is consistently looking at ways to improve our system. NNT is our one source for all technology questions, problems, and concerns. They will do this even if the problem is not even related to them; they will take ownership of the problem and find someone for us to get the problem resolved. NNT truly is a part our Atlanta Inboard team.”

Beckie Bennion | Office Manager | Atlanta Inboard

“NNT has been our IT company for the past 2 years now, and I must say that I am truly happy with their service thus far. They have been with us during a very stressful time when we implemented our new Practice Management Software as well as our Electronic Medical Records System. They not only provided us with a “take charge attitude” when helping us implement these technologies but helped keep the software vendors in check, often acting on our behalf, ensuring that we were not being taken advantage of. The cost of support, even though we initially thought it was high, has proven to be one of our best decisions we have made. NNT has fixed and prevented so many problems that I am sure I wasn’t even aware of. With NNT doing what they do has enabled our system to stay up and running since it was implemented over 2 years ago without a single major event, this allows our Doctors to care for more patients while providing the best healthcare possible to our patients.”

Sue Coker | Office Manager | Tri-Count Internal Medicine

“NNT’s prompt and friendly customer service is one of the best I have ever dealt with. The knowledge of their staff is absolutely superb. Our company has greatly benefited since NNT took over our computer network. Before NNT we always seemed to have the same problems over and over again that never seemed to get fixed and we always felt like we were paying a bill that had too many hours on the same problem. With NNT that changed, we call them with a problem and it gets fixed the first time. One thing I am really impressed with is their ability to often fix problems before I even know about it, due to them watching our network 24/7. This gives me peace of mind that my critical company data is secure, protected and accessible at all times. Having NNT support our business has kept this business moving forward and I would truly recommend them to anyone.”

Mathew Schoen | | A Pension Store, LLC

“We are very pleased with NNT’s friendly and do-whatever-it-takes attitude to get the job done. One example was when we had a major need for remote connectivity and centralized secure document access. They not only solved this problem by Implementing a Small Business Server, but then exceeded our expectations by showing us other ways to fully utilize this technology, like accessing company contacts, our company calendar and outlook email from our cell phones. NNT always seems to go above and beyond our expectations, whether it is their rapid response to critical problems or their willingness to help us with even the smallest of issues. I would recommend NNT to any company that truly values service and attention to detail.”

Mary Ann Black | Office Manager | Albert International