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Mobile Device Setup & Management
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Handheld & Mobile Devices - Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, DowneyHandheld and mobile devices are necessary tools in today’s business world. Your employees depend on many types of devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. With the proliferation of mobile applications in the workplace, special concerns about security and productivity arise.Your users are accessing corporate data on their personal devices more and more. With our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, we can keep your users productive while securing all mobile devices.

Our Solution: Let us make mobility work for you

IT departments everywhere are looking for an end-to-end solution to manage powerful mobile devices. At NNT Solutions, we can ensure that your MDM solution will be compliant with your data security requirements. Your IT department no longer needs to fear mobile devices.

Some of the benefits of our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program include:

  • Enrolling employees and company-owned mobile devices over-the-air
  • Configured and applied corporate settings for Exchange, WiFi, VPN, LDAP, and third party email to one or multiple devices
  • Configured and enforced security policies, including passcode complexity requirements, device auto-lock, and number of failed passcode attempts before a device wipe
  • Instantly lock or wipe mobile devices in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen
  • Pinpoint the physical location of a mobile device on a geographical map and identify physical locations a device has been in a given period of time
  • Manage data plan overage charges with automatic data usage threshold alerting
  • Generate custom reports with new built-in reporting features

Secure Mobile Devices Easily

We can help you establish and enforce mobile device security policies. We can also ensure the health of personal devices. Automatic remediation assures your devices remain safe and your corporate data stays secure.

Protect Data on Mobile Devices

Implement a policy that separates corporate and personal data on mobile devices with containers. Our solution encrypts all your data on the mobile device without slowing your users down.

Our Difference

We have a solution for all mobile devices. When you have a mobile device management platform, you have a way to keep potential threats to your company’s data and infrastructure from becoming a problem. We can provide a mobile device management solution that takes into account the many possible operating systems that run on mobile devices, as well as the variance of service providers.

Our MDM strategy gives you complete transparency into your mobile environment. Have complete clarity into the devices that connect to your network and who owns them. We have a central interface that allows administrators to manage devices and data—the core elements of a thorough MDM strategy.

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