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It’s about time!
NNT offers a preventative maintenance agreement called the NNT Prevent. With NNT Prevent, you start saving money and time by allowing our staff to service your computer and provide preventative maintenance on a reoccurring schedule. We will contact you in advance to bring in your system to have the necessary preventative maintenance done. Depending on the agreement purchased, we can perform system checks twice a year or make a full backup of your data and even complete the maintenance on site for multiple computers for the home/office users. NNT Prevent is a perfect solution to those who either have one computer for personal use or multiple computers in a home office environment.

We have been Utilizing NNT for the last 13 months. I love the Personal aspect of their staff, knowing who you will be dealing with to resolve issues is important to us. It is a great deal of relief working with a company that truly understands our business and takes ownership of the success of our business. NNT constantly strives to keep us operational at all times and is consistently looking at ways to improve our system. NNT is our one source for all technology questions, problems and concerns. They will do this even if the problem is not even related to them; they will take ownership of the problem and find someone for us to get the problem resolved. NNT truly is a part our Atlanta Inboard team…

Beckie Bennion –
Office Manager
Inland Marine
Is Your Computer Support Guy Treating You Like A “Bad Date”?
Not returning your calls fast enough… Constantly missing deadlines… Not fixing things right the first time… Never following up on your requests?

I Want To Give You A Free Computer Diagnostic Or Clean-up Just By Mentioning This Website To Prove We Can Do A Better Job Than Your Current Computer Support Guy!

It just amazes me how unreliable and arrogant some computer companies are. When you bring your computer in for repair, you end up either listening to computer jargon you don’t understand or you get the run-around. Then when you finally pick up your computer you end up getting stuck with a bill that costs you more than what the computer was worth. And worse yet, you don’t even know what they did to fix the problem. Even then, once you bring your computer home, you realize that they didn’t fix the problem. As a final insult, when you bring it back in, they want to charge you even more!

Enough Is Enough! We at NNT think it’s about time someone finally got it right. That’s why we decided to start a “one company revolution” and commit ourselves to delivering fast, affordable computer support from technicians that are professional AND reliable.

If you would like your free diagnostic or clean-up, simply call us or drop by our store and mention this website to one of our friendly computer technicians. Some of the other services we provide:
• Computer repairs/upgrades
• Custom built computers
• All name brand computer sales and accessories
• Home network design and implementation
• Home theatre computer integration
• In-home/classroom training
• Remote/online tech support
• Computer Prevent plans