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Government & Public Sector IT Services

NNT not only has the experience but offers customized solutions and pricing specifically for the public sector / government.  From special pricing for computer & networking hardware \ software to staff augmentation services.  Whether you are a local, state, federal institution, regardless of what department (i.e. Education, Department of Defense, etc.) NNT can help.  Below is just some of the ways NNT can help you.

  • Computer & Networking Hardware Procurement
  • Support & Project Staff Augmentation: Including after hour, remote monitoring escalations, Tier 3 escalations as well as other maintenance, support, help desk and project work augmentation.
  • Education Services: The education of our nation’s children is a vital part of maintaining the stability of our society and economy. But to perform this task, schools and educators need to have the right tools to make sure every student is getting the care and attention they need to succeed. NNT recognizes that schools need the right networks and IT infrastructure to aid teachers and administrators in carrying out their duties. We can set up and manage your school’s IT network and infrastructure to keep it organized and online. We’ll also train school personnel on any new systems so that they are familiar with how everything works and can perform their jobs more effectively.
  • Outsourced IT Services, including infrastructure & computer equipment maintenance & support
  • IT Solutions and Equipment Installation and Setup Services: Every government facility relies on solid networks and technologies to effectively pass off information and operate efficiently. NNT can setup and manage the IT infrastructure a government facility needs to stay in communication and keep its data protected.
  • Augmented Monitoring & Escalation Services
  • Consulting & Solution Design Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Data Destruction and Recovery Services
  • Help Desk Augmentation
  • And Much More