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Managed Services (Support Agreements)

Don’t waste another minute fighting network issues. NNT business service plans reduce downtime through availability monitoring, predictive failure monitoring, utilization monitoring and asset management monitoring. With the option of block hours, provides us the ability to provide immediate remediation of a problem that has been signaled to one of our on-call techs (24×7), thus improving availability and ultimately productivity / your bottom line. Our high-end solutions take advantage of our rigorous proactive incident avoidance program. Through our NNTWatch® and NNTGuard system we collect and analyze performance and event data. Our technicians spend time at your location, maintaining your systems and helping you attain the highest level of network availability which moves your business forward!!

An IT Partner not Provider

How often have you had to call your service provider about a network issue and then wait for them to dispatch a technician? That technician had to determine the source of the issue and determine if they had the parts required to resolve your issue. That was all time lost in diagnosis, travel and actual repair. Plus productivity, how much do you pay your employees to sit and wait and how much could you be charging your customers? Here at NNT we can build and customize a plan for you. Call or email us about any of these programs and how they can help YOU “Move your business


Service Agreement Options:

Our NNT Support plan is for companies with no IT Staff but need someone to be there when they need them and watch there network.


Our NNT Care plan, like NNT Support, is for companies with no IT staff that need not only a IT company to call and respond rapidly but prevent problems before they happen.


NNT Serve – For companies with no IT staff but require one but don’t have it within there budget.   With NNTServe we become your IT staff and provide you with essential services all at a fixed fee.


NNT Assist – Usually for companies who already have a IT staff but need augmented services (staff or capabilities), visit augmentation services for more information



NNT Support Program
  • We are watching your network even when you aren’t there, thus fixing problems faster.
  • True knowledge of your network thus fixing problems faster
  • Reduced block hours – so you can save on hourly cost plus no more trip fees.
  • Priority over none contract customers
NNT Care Program
  • All benefits of the NNT Support Program, including:
  • Predictive and performance monitoring.
  • Deeper discount for on-site support
  • Proactive Maintenance – thus preventing problems from happening in the first place.
NNT Serve Program
  • All benefits of the NNT Care Program, including:
  • Unlimited hours
  • 2 hour response
  • Access to all levels of the NNT support channel
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Utilization / asset monitor – used for executive planning and budgeting.
NNT Assist Program
  • For companies that have and IT staff or person that handles day to day repairs on the network but is in need of upper level support and monitoring
  • Reduce cost on upper level support block hours
  • Web access into your own company’s Network Interface allowing you to see your network at a glance
  • Alert schedules, such as alerting you from 9-5 and NNT during after hours and holidays.


For more information about our service agreements and to schedule a free assessment, please contact us online or by phone.