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NNT Network & Cyber Security Solutions

“Network & Cyber Security Strategies that truly lower risks, reduce costs & minimizes the potential impact to your business should a breech ever occur”

There are hundreds or even thousands of security products, technologies and companies that all claim to protect your business from cyber threats, and unfortunately businesses believe these claims.  To the contrary, as it is impossible now and will forever be impossible to 100% protect your business from security breaches.  Any company that makes this claim, is not being honest with you.

Many business’s after listening to the hype from either a antivirus advertisements or an IT Service vendor, and are told that if they by this or deploy that, they will be protected which leaves you with a false sense of security which actually increases your risk even greater.  Our point is that, protecting your business against viruses and cybersecurity threats is much more than just having a good antivirus or firewall, but rather understanding and identifying risks and deploying strategies and layers to minimize those risks.

At NNT we feel that the 1st step in providing any company a security solution is to first be 100% honest with you.  The reason is that security is less about deploying products that block threats and more about talking and planning in order to identify and assess potential risks and develop strategies to reduce risks.

NNT Security Solutions & Services can help your business deploy multiple barriers to lower risk, minimize impact should a breech occur as well as keep you compliant with the latest government regulations that may be of concern to your business or industry such as, PCI, HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley.  Below is a list of products and services we deploy or provide.

  • SECURITY ASSESSMENT: No two businesses are the same and the same is true to your business’ security risk, impact and exposure.  That is why we always encourages businesses to start here and have NNT Conduct an Initial Security Risk Assessments & Audit to determine both current and potential internal / external vulnerabilities, threats, risk and potential impact or exposure.  Our assessments not only provide insight to your business’s current security posture & vulnerabilities, these assessments insure you are compliant and stay compliant with the latest government regulations that concern your business or industry to include PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • SECURITY STRATEGY & PLAN: Once we have helped you conduct this assessment; we then can better help your company design a security plan that is right for your business that lowers your risk and minimizes impact or exposure should a breech occur.  Our plans we design are specifically created for your unique business needs and its current and potential risk and impact \ exposure.  That said, as threats are ever changing, so is your business and so, we insure that with every plan designed by NNT, we ensure our plans have the systems in place to insure both reactive and proactive reviews and audits.  By doing so, your security plan designed and maintained by NNT, stays relevant in this ever-changing world.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Once you have a plan, NNT can help you implement it.  As stated, a plan is just a plan unless it is implemented properly.  All plan implementations delivered by NNT are executed the same.  This consistency ensures that whatever deliverables (products or services) we are providing you, we are able to insure they are properly implemented, on-time, and within budget and thus insuring expectations are fully met and almost always exceed.  Lastly, with IT or in this case security, we understand that most business owners are not tech savvy enough to know if a project is implemented properly or know exactly how it was implemented.  That is why at NNT we ensure that you, our customer has complete understanding and visibility of the project.  We do this by insuring you are part of the planning and scheduling process, have full and complete visibility of all phases and milestones and you are kept in the loop as we execute each phase of the project until it is fully implemented and approved to be closed by you the customer.  Once closed, you don’t have to worry about remembering what we did or when we did it or how much time or cost is was, all projects are fully documented and this documentation can be access at any point in time by you via our NNTInPower Client Portal System, even if you fire us.
  • MAINTAINANCE & SUPPORT:  No matter the security solution or strategy you have implemented (by NNT, yourself or by another IT company), just as your business changes, so do the threats, risks and potential impact to your business and your customers; and so, your cyber & network security strategy\solution that was setup today, maybe obsolete tomorrow and thus it needs to continuously be watched, maintained and updated or revised constantly.   NNT can assume and execute all or some of these ongoing critical actions at any point to make sure you are secure now and most importantly stay secure in the future.  Some of these ongoing services or technologies we utilize or deploy, are usually bundled in some form or another within one of our 4 service level agreements types (NNTSupport, NNTCare, NNTServe & NNTAssist) which are each based on the needs or risk level of your business.  Each of these agreements bundle a combination of both technology and services to fit your risk, need and budget.  Some of these services and technologies we deploy are listed below.

    • NNTWatch System & Network Operations Center (NOC) :
      • 24x7x365 Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting (NNTReportIT)
    • NNTGuard Cyber & Network Protection System :
      • A full turn key set of security products & services that is customized to your business and risk potential to include Patch Management (NNTPreventIT), Intrusion detection systems (software/hardware), smart host relay’s, anti-virus protection, firewall port monitoring, spam filtering and email protection products, as well as administrative security tasks (NNTAdministrator) like group policy setup, password policy enforcement & data and folder access setup and much more, etc.
    • NNTAudit System:
      • A automated auditing & reporting system that we use initially to locate and find vulnerabilities in order to build a security plan or strategy; is also used to run automatically based on your risks and needs\changes to your business.  This tool is essential to ensuring that that your security posture stays always relevant and secure.
    • NNTPreventIT Services:
      • no matter the technology used, sometimes you need, as we call it “boots on the ground” NNT to conducted preventive maintenance, checks and services (PMCS) on a schedule pre-planned customized basis that is unique to your business, infrastructure and devices.  These PMCS scheduled tasks are customized and performed as frequent as daily, or weekly or in most cases monthly, quarterly and yearly.
    • NNT911 System, NNTRespond & NNTFixIT Services:
      • These services working in tandem with our NNTWatch & NNTGuard gives you the peace of mind that NNT is always on-call and ready to respond rapidly to any issue or security breech should one occur, whenever or wherever and regardless of whether we are alerted by you using our NNT911 emergency call service or via email or client portal (NNTInPower) or via our 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting system (NNTWatch).  NNTRespond gives you rapid remote or onsite response that is backed by a service level promise (2 hour or less response).  Once we respond and assess the priority, if critical NNTFixIT deploys the right tech (or techs) remotely or at your location if needed and starts immediate remediation until it resolved.
    • NNTDocumentIT Service & NNTReportIT System:
      • Documenting your security plan from implementation to add / move changes is a vital task to ensure your security strategy remains your and not ours, thus NNT documents your plan, and updates this plan when things change to insure you have full visibility and maintain accountability over or whomever.  NNTDocumentIT works in-conjunction with our NNTInPower, NNTReportIT systems to give you full visibility of your entire network environment.
    • NNTEducate System & Services: 
      • A good IT or Network Security Solution is only good if as your weakest point of failure, in all cases this security week point is almost always tied directly to end users / employees.  That is why end users or employees that work within or outside the office need to be equipped with knowledge on how to use, access your company’s data and information systems and how to detect, prevent and report potential data breeches.  This training should not only be done for all new employees but should on a reoccurring basis.  Good training is only good if the knowledge given is retained and there for must be tested and inspected.  NNTEducate is a combination of both training services as well as random testing and policy inspection systems that insure your employees have the knowledge need to keep your business safe.  Our education services can be done in person on a as needed or reoccurring basis or via our automated education and testing system that sends reoccurring educational videos, tracks employee participation as well as send random testing to see if an employee could be baited into clicking something, thus insuring they are not only participating but retaining the training they have been given.

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