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IT Solutions Design & Project Planning Services
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Are you in need of a solution but don’t know exactly what technology you need?  If you do find such a solution, are you concerned with its implementation and how it will impact your business?  With NNT’s IT Solutions Design & Project Planning services (NNTEngineerIT), we have you covered.

As you know, some IT projects and solutions are just too complicated or ambitious for any one company to design and handle on its own without a senior IT project manager on staff.   NNTEngineerIT Design and Project Planning Services can help.   Whether you hire NNT for the solution design or project plan creations\execution, either in a lead or augment role, NNT’s senior engineers can assist your in whatever capacity you see fit.  In what ever capacity, choosing NNTEngineerIT for your next project will save you money, time and minimize impact and disasters associated with normal IT projects.

NNT offers experienced project design, planning and execution to lay the groundwork for your next IT project. We’ll analyze the solution you plan to implement and make sure that each step is fully planned out and accomplished as expected, while insuring minimal impact to your business.  With us as a partner, you’ll rest easy knowing that your project is being handled by a team of professionals who care about seeing its success.

Our solutions design and project planning services start with a simple phone call with one of our senior Engineers to discuss exactly what services you need help with (design or project planning).  Once this is determined we will customize a solution to fit your exact needs, provide you with either a fixed fee or retainer estimate.

To discuss our Solutions design or Project Planning services in more detail please contact us online or give us a call today.

Project Execution

Do you already have a solution and project plan but need assistance executing some or a portion of the work, NNTAssistIT can provide augment services (technology or man power) to help complete your project on-time and with budget.  Visit NNT’s Staff Augmentation Services page (NNTAssistIT) for more info.